Mexican Food in Europe

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that one of my long standing complaints about life in Italy is the lack of decent Mexican food.  Oh, there are a few places here in Padova, and once in a while I get desperate enough to go back to one, but then I remember why I never go.


is a really funny description of "the worst Mexican restaurant on earth", and isn’t too far off from many of the experiences I’ve had.  In Italy, they would have understood some of the Spanish, but probably wouldn’t have sour cream, as that’s quite difficult to come by here.

Here’s a quote:

The waitress brings the food. The "quesadillas" were rock hard, and filled with chili that clearly came from Chef Hormel-ito. Appalling. This was served with rice and beans and quacamole. NOT. It was served with some purple lettuce and cabbage, with a big dollop of mayo, and then some canned corn and canned navy beans. More of the sour cream, and more of the ketchup salsa.


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