No Kebabs in Lucca

Between Berlusconi and the opposition, there is plenty of silliness to go around in Italian politics, but I don’t like to write about that too much, as it just gets depressing and is covered better elsewhere.  What is occasionally interesting to report are the odd bits of local news that are, at times, particularly crazy or outrageous.  For instance:

E Lucca vieta kebab e cous cous

In English, "Lucca bans kebab and cous cous".  In other words, they have passed a law against "The opening of new food purveyors whose activity is based on different ethnicities" (Non è ammessa l’attivazione di esercizi di somministrazione, la cui attività sia riconducibile ad etnie diverse).  Can you imagine what would happen if a town in the US tried to ban, say, Mexican or, for that matter, Italian food?

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