Super charged rose sellers

One of those funny moments:

It was a hot day at the end of the summer, and I was riding my scooter back from work. At that time of evening, traffic gets very bottled up in the “Piazzale Stanga” here in Padova, a major, 6 way intersection that is every bit as bad as you can imagine.  On all sides of the intersection, there were some south Asian guys trying to sell roses and other stuff to those stuck in traffic, who weren’t buying, it seemed.  At a certain point, up rolls one of those Red Bull promotional publicity cars, the ones where the attractive young people (often women) hand out free red bulls.  As soon as they handed one out to a guy on a bike, the roadside sellers made a beeline for their free drinks.  I don’t think those guys are really Red Bull’s target audience, but there’s no way the women in the car could deny these hot, thirsty looking people their free drinks, either, without coming across as racists.  You could see the doubt flash across the women’s eyes, and then they smiled, shrugged, and started handing out the cans to the 5 or 6 guys who, at this point, had crowded around the car, who went away quite happy to get something nice and cool to drink.

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