Alitalia – Back from the Grave

Like the monster from a cheap horror movie, Alitalia reared its ugly head on Haloween.  The threat this time is that the negotiations to implement what everyone signed up for in principle broke down, and over the past couple of weeks, the battle has been joined once again.  Most of the main unions are more or less going along with the plan, but as before, the pilots and flight attendants aren’t, and have already started causing disruptions, with Rome’s Fiumicino airport apparently being quite a mess at the moment.  Furthermore, there are apparently divisions within the ranks of the pilots – some don’t want to strike, some do.  The only certainty is that chaos will prevail.

In further Alitalia news, the European Union officially cleared the deal, although they did stipulate that the company has to pay back the 300 million Euro loan.

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