Alitalia – Unions Reject New Contracts

Not surprisingly, the various unions involved in the “new Alitalia” deal rejected the contract proposed by the company designated to buy up the good bits of Alitalia. These negotiations ought to be interesting, as everyone is between a rock and a hard place: no pilots, no new Alitalia. No new Alitalia… well, maybe some of the pilots will get jobs elsewhere, but probably without the cushy conditions they currently enjoy.

According to an article in the Corriere della Sera, 80 or so flight attendants organized a sit-in, and talked about some of the onerous conditions the new contract would impose. These involve things like “workers and airplanes being moved around to where they are needed, pay would be connected to hours worked, in short everything would be based on productivity”. One could see how the company went bankrupt with workers fighting against such “harsh” treatment; without even taking into consideration how badly it was managed.

Update: it seems as if one of the unions, CISL (pronounced “cheesel”) looks likely to sign up.

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