Praying for Rain

The heat has eased up since early June – or maybe I’ve just grown used to it, but we’re now in that very comfortable part of summer here when it’s almost always warm out, at whatever hour you go outside. It’s an especially nice feeling in the evenings, because the absence of the sun, and a bit of breeze make it ever so slightly cool, but not so much that it’s every uncomfortable, or that you need to put on any more clothes.

Having grown up in Eugene, Oregon, I’m certainly the last one to want rain, but apparently there hasn’t been enough for the crops this year. Infact, the rivers are running at their lowest in the last hundred years, according to weather reports.

Things are so bad for farmers that apparently the Bishop of Rovigo (a small town south of Padova) has even been praying for rain. Those prayers were duly fulfilled last night by rain showers across the Veneto, “notably moreso in Rovigo than elsewhere”, it states in the news report. For science’ sake, it might be interesting to create an experiment in which the effects of rain prayers are measured against the effects of, say, a rain dance.

Although to put things in perspective, back in the US Pat Robertson has urged his viewers to pray for the removal of 3 supreme court justices, so maybe praying for rain doesn’t seem so bad after all.

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