Innsbruck Fireworks

Sometimes, something just strikes you as neat or interesting even if it’s not really anything special in the grand scheme of things.  For some reason, I really enjoyed New Year’s Eve here in Innsbruck.  We were in good company, having gone to our friends’ place for dinner, but I also really enjoyed the fireworks.

Innsbruck in the heart of winter is a pretty good place to light off a bunch of fireworks – far better than the tinderbox that is the western US on the 4th of July.  Here, it’s way too cold and damp to set much of anything on fire at this time of year.  Whereas, with good reason, most really good fireworks are illegal back home in Oregon, here you can buy some pretty serious artillery, stuff that shoots hundreds of feet in the air and gives off quite a show.  This makes for a very "democratic" fireworks show: instead of being stuck with nothing but sparklers and forced to watch some sort of "official" fireworks show, put on by whoever, there are lots of smaller shows all over the place, with a few larger shows taking place at the same time.  Our favorite, of these, was at the Seegrube, most of the way up the Nordkette mountain range.  They shot off some pretty big fireworks, but what really made them unique was how they were reflected off the snow of the mountain, illuminating the whole mountain with red or green.  No photos, unfortunately!

In any case, for someone who is not a big fan of New Year’s Eve celebrations, I was quite happy with how things turned out in Innsbruck.

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