After some sad news from home, I needed a bit of calm and quiet, and being a crisp, sunny February day, I took my bike and went for a ride in the Colli Euganei. It was a wonderful day out – although it hasn’t started to get warm yet, if spring isn’t in the air, you can tell that it’s at least waiting in the wings. Being a weekday morning, once I got outside of town, there was hardly anyone around. I had the hills, the sun and blue sky, and the roads to myself. Not a long ride, and over the usual roads with a few good hills to strain my legs some. Treponti, Rovolon, Teolo, Vo`, Boccon, Castelnovo, Torreglia and back towards home. It was just what I needed to get away for a few peaceful hours, though.

Coming out of Torreglia, I passed a bus stopping to pick someone up, which soon overtook me again, and then started to slow down again. Uh-oh I thought to myself – if it stops a lot, I’m going to end up playing ‘leapfrog’, which is no fun with buses because they are big and hard to get around. The bus came to a complete stop, and so did I, just behind it without much of a view of the road ahead, but the doors didn’t open and this wasn’t a signed stop…weird. Then I heard jangling bells, and all of a sudden, from around both sides of the bus, what seemed like a river of sheep started flowing around the the bus! It was quite a sight, hundreds of sheep being hustled down the road by the sheepherders and their dogs. It was fortunate the bus was in front of me as it “parted the waters” so to speak, so I didn’t have the sheep flowing around just me and my bike. After a few minutes of bobbing, bleating animals streaming past, the flock was brought up at the rear by several very alert dogs watching for strays, and then the road was free again, and I was left laughing at the bizarre “traffic jam”.

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